In the May 21st primary, three candidates are running for the Democratic nomination for two open seats on the Pennsylvania Superior Court.  The Superior Court hears appeals from the Court of Common Pleas in criminal and civil cases and matters involving families & children.  Superior Court justices serve 10-year terms. During the final year of their term, justices may ask voters to be retained for an additional term. The candidates are pictured & named below, with their current employment and information resources to find out more.  You’ll be able to vote for no more than two of the four candidates.  The last person listed is a sitting Democratic judge on the Superior Court who is asking to be retained for another term

Amanda Green-Hawkins

Currently Asst. General Counsel for the United Steel Workers Union in Pittsburgh. Endorsed by State Democratic Committee

Daniel D. McCaffery

Currently sitting Judge on Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas . Endorsed by State Democratic Committee

Anne Lazarus

Currently a sitting judge of the superior court asking to be retained for another term